Are you a programmer or a business owner?

Are you a Coder or Business Owner_(1)Often I hear arguments for or against certain platforms to use for our e-commerce website. Most arguments revolve around control or open source. But ultimately, you have to ask yourself, are you a business owner, or are you a programmer?

A Programmer

A programmer will always put you on a self hosted shopping cart system like Magento, Opencart, Prestashop or even wordpress. The argument is, this gives you more control and you can do all kinds of special things since you have access to everything, the code, etc. The other argument is it is cheaper, though in my case study (Read Here) that the costs are actually comparable or even more expensive.

A Business Owner

A business owner’s main concern is getting sales and growing their business. This means having the time to source products, fulfill orders and handle the endless marketing channels you need to reach your customers.

Only 24 hours in a day

Because there is only 24 hours in one day, allocating your time efficiently is key to success in business. You can spend an hour a day updating your website with patches and handling downtime, or you can spend an hour a day sending out a newsletter, posting on Facebook or creating a video showcasing your product.

How much is your time worth?

Are you worth more than $1 a day? What about $3 a day? Of course you are. But worst case with a hosted platform, is it costs you $3 a day to run ($90 a month). You couldn’t hire someone to do updates on your website, even overseas for less than $5 an hour.

Your Goal

Your goal is to get a website up and running as fast as possible that will allow you to concentrate on running your business. Once you are doing millions in sales, then you can hire someone to put you on custom platforms.

Don’t Wait

While you are waiting trying to figure out the best platform, Amazon is taking your sales away.  You are also loosing sales to other ecommerce providers who have a site up and are selling to your customers.

Cart Prep

Don’t wait, sign up for my course cartprep and you can have your site up and going in as little as one day. It is a complete walk through that will cost you as little as $1 a day to run your ecommerce store. In addition, I provide additional training and advanced techniques you can use to grow your business.


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